Saturday, August 23, 2008


No, not Venice... the street in front of our house just after the main part of Tropical Storm Fay finally edged its way west of us yesterday afternoon. It was about knee deep down that street most of the day (I know because there were a few crazies out walking or biking in it...)

Thankfully our storm drains did their job and within an hour or two most of it was drained and gone.

No damage to report for us - just lots of leaves down in our yard - the roof and cars are covered. We did see quite a few branches and some trees downed in the neighborhood, and some areas nearby are flooded - it happens when you get over 12 inches of rain in a short period of time.


Gramma L said...

This seems to be what most people experienced along with trees down. Thankfully, most I know came through without a lot of damage. Glad you guys came through without any lasting or expensive damage.

RuneE said...

We are used to rain around here, but we get it more continuously - not all at once. I would not like taking mt car out in that lake!

PS Rowanberries are edible, but extremely bitter and sour. However they are very popular with birds. I know they have them in Canada, at least