Saturday, August 16, 2008

I got to spend much of Friday playing in a golf tournament held at a beautiful course in south Georgia called Osprey Cove, which is situated right along the marshes that border the St. Marys River. Five of the holes are right on the marsh, providing spectacular views. Not much definition in the sky since it was just a hot, hazy August day - typically lacking in blue sky but abounding in heat and humidity. :)

The bluffs visible way out there are known as Reids Bluffs and are actually in Florida on the south bank of the St. Marys River just over two miles away. Those bluffs rise to a height of 56 feet above sea level, which is no small feat considering they are only 10 miles inland from the Atlantic ocean and most of coastal Florida is pretty flat. (For the record, the highest point in Florida is 345 ft above sealevel, in the panhandle just by the Alabama boarder - a "mountain" known as Britton Hill.)

For a great closeup view of the bluff you can visit the main page of this website, home of the Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists. (The things you can't find on the Intergoogle...)

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dot said...

Beautiful shots of the area! Made me think of the Buccaneer Restaurant which I think is in that area. THE place to go for good seafood!