Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pine down

Just a couple of shots of a pine tree that was knocked over by the winds during Fay - just one of many. Driving around town it is easy to pick out downed trees every few blocks (or less).

For those of you not familiar with tropical systems, the biggest threat for trees isn't so much the strong winds themselves, but the fact that there is so much rain in a short period that the ground around the roots gets saturated and when you combine that with wind, it is easy to just tip the trees over at the roots - they don't so much as snap in half as just topple over like bowling pins (though there are certainly weaker branches that snap off of trees).

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Gramma L said...

When I drove around town on Saturday to look at damage stuff - the smell of pine was in the air. Just about every road had pine trees or branches down.