Friday, August 15, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Sometimes Sky Watching will result in unusual sights, such as tennis shoes laced together and tossed in the air to hang over a power line. It is actually not that uncommon in our city for neighborhoods that have hanging power lines still (many of the newer subdivisions have underground wires so it is a non-issue). Do kids do this where you live?

Visit the Sky Watch blog for links to see what else is hanging around this week.

(Also, apologies for not getting around to comment on ABC Wednesday posts - storms knocked out our internet and I couldn't get around for them.)


Lawstude said...

Quite funny skywatch Alan. And no. kids im my country don't do that, but maybe in some places i don't know.

Have a nice weekend.

SandyCarlson said...

A bit like throwing $100 out the window, I think. That happens in the cities here in Connecticut, too. I don't get it. This is a beautiful sky.

Petunia said...

Lost and found!
I hope the owner is joining SWF!
Nice shot!


Julie said...

I quite like the elements you have combined in this image, Alan. The silhoutte of the trees and the strong power lines add to the delicacy of the colour of the sky.

Yes, kids do that in Australia, too. Very annoying with sneakers at $250!


Olá Alan

Remember me, Santilli from Brazil!

Great skly!

If you love flowers look:

I wait you there!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Just love(NOT) it when you see shoes hanging from power lines, makes you wonder how they got there.
Great sky capture though