Sunday, October 19, 2008

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park: Part 5

Rounding the corner from the rose garden you are met by a lovely gazebo and pond, surrounded by large ferns, plants, flowers, and trees.

Purple and white flowers hiding behind an iron bench:

A footbridge crossing a narrow portion of the shallow pond:

Other end of the pond features a fountain:

Hanging out underneath the fountain that day was a bright orange Triploid Grass Carp (they had a sign about them):

Close-up of the carp under the fountain - he didn't move the entire time we were there, but the other carp were swimming around the pond.  This guy must have found something tasty on the fountain:

A smaller pond off to one side had an amazing hazy blue color to it:

Interesting yellow flower:

Perhaps even more interesting white flower - looks dangerous:

After an enjoyable walk around the grounds you might want to take a load off and just sit and enjoy the view for a while:

So that's all from Washington Oaks Gardens State Park this go around.  I hope to get back next month and check out the beach side.  Speaking of beaches... next stop?  Flagler Beach.

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