Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Help pick a new name for my blog!

I have added a poll to the top left of the side column (<------ that way) with some possible new names for my blog. Since originally it was inspired by the Project365 idea and I have now reached 365 posts, I think I want a more permanent name that better reflects what the blog has become and where it is going. There are around 8 choices listed, but also an option for "Other" - if you have a better idea please leave a comment with your suggestion! :)

Some background on the choices:

References to the "First Coast" are because the area of Florida where we live is known as "Florida's First Coast" because the Spanish first settled near here in St. Augustine (oldest permanent settlement in the United States) and the French here in what would become Jacksonville; since this area was settled first, it is called the "First Coast". (Other parts of Florida refer to themselves as other coasts - Treasure Coast, for example.)

References to Cowford are more obscure but go back to the original name for the city that would become Jacksonville. Prior to being renamed for president Andrew Jackson, the town was known as Cowford because it was the major crossing point over the St. Johns River in Northeast Florida where cows could ford the river (shallow enough here to walk across, though not any longer after dredging for shipping). We make fun of the name Cowford now days, but it has a nice nostalgic feel to it for a blog name.

Other options include references to being based in Florida, etc.

Other ideas are welcome!

I'll leave the poll up for one week and make a decision from there. :)

Thanks for playing! If a reader suggested name wins I will give appropriate recognition and email you a shiny award, haha. :)


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Happy Blogiversary!

It happens to be mine, too! I've been at it for three years.

I hope that you will continue to blog, whatever name you choose, and enjoy the friendship and delight that blogging offers!


Alan said...
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marina said...

Because of your comments under the name of your actual name i recomend the name "World Traveller".The choise is ofcourse yours...

Reader Wil said...

I only know Firstfooting or Footloose in Florida. I am sorry, Alan! But thanks for your visit!

Hyde DP said...

Are you just changing the name of this blog or creating a new one?

I think that is the first thing you need to consider.

You can change the title of this blog and keep the same URL - that way it just carries with all the archives intact.

Alternatively you can create a new blog with a different URL and just mothball this - whatever you do please don't DELETE it as all your archives will be gone forever.

It depends what you want do with new blog (or this in a new direction).

Will it be a potpourri with a variety of post? If so then a name reflecting you personality is appropriate.

If it is mainly photos from a specific area then a name reflecting the area would be a good way to go.

One option to consider - a new blog concentrating on photos and post relevant to Cowford/First Coast, whatever (giving it a specific geographical identity) and then keeping this one (renamed or not) for any more personal post not related to the specific area.

Take time to ponder the possibilities.

Gerald aka Hyde DP aka Ackworthborn aka Sithenah.

Lawstude said...

happy anniversary to your blog.

i voted for but my vote did not appear.

anyways, more posts to come sir.