Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ABC Wednesday: "K" is for Kitten's First Birthday

Letter "K" falls perfectly this go around for us, as October 1st is not only Wednesday but also the birthday (observed) of our obscenely cute kitten, Mischa, who celebrates her first birthday today.

We don't know an exact date of birth because she was rescued by a cat rescue society from a feral colony not long after she was born and taken into their shelter, cared for, spayed, and later adopted by us when she was old enough.  But the society guessed that she was born around October 1st, so that is the day we choose to celebrate.

If there has ever been a more adorably cute kitten in the history of adorably cute kittens, we are not sure of the validity of those claims because Mischa is just plain freaking adorable.  Even when she is nibbling on our ankles or scratching the bed sheets she is still adorable.  We might not be too happy with her during those moments, but we cannot deny the cuteness even then.
Her official name is Mischa, which is the female form of the name Michael in Russian.  Why that name you ask?  Well, Russian Blue cats come from the Archangel Islands near the Arctic Circle and the Archangel's name is Michael, and since she is a female we feminized Michael into Mischa.  She isn't a pure Russian Blue by any stretch, but she looks almost like one and we thought it would be a pretty name either way.

In addition to being called by Mischa, she is also often refered to by any of the following:

Mischa, Mischa-boo, Boo, Boogie, Boogie-boo, Baby, Baby-boo, Hyper-boo, Sleepy-boo, Crazy-boo, Snuggly-boo, Doodle, Punkin (Pumpkin), Punkin-doodle, Sweet Baby Boo, Sweetness, Misch-boo (no 'a'), Mischy, and "STOP BITING ME!"  (Sorry, that last one isn't really a name, just something we periodically yell out loud...)

So there you have it, a pictoral and written history of the most recent nine months of the first year of our lovely kitten's life.
Last but not least one of her more serious poses that I happened to catch following an afternoon nap with the sunlight hitting her just perfect - she looks like she was posing for a school portrait, haha.

Visit to see what else the cat dragged in. :)


magiceye said...

heres wishing mischa the kitten a very happy birthday!!

the last pic is outstanding!

Jenn said...

How cute! I really wish to own gray cats, but I cannot see one here!

My entries are posted here and here.

Cathy said...

I love kittys.. I like the one looking through the chair.. Very nice.

Rinkly Rimes said...

We once had a British Blue cat. (I think we chose her because we're Brits). But she looked remarkably like your Russian Blue. She was actually called Ashleigh, because my daughter thought she looked the colour of ash!! But she looked Blue to me.

mrsnesbitt said...

Wonderful! Our cat is outside right now, but it is cold so she'll be along shortly!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Our first family kitty was a Russian Blue mix named Banjo. He was the friendliest, sweetest, most cuddly cat we have ever owned.

That's for spurrrrring a very nice memory of a very dear cat.

Great photos, too!

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hello Alan,
Nice ABC....and heeeh kitty katty pooh! Happy birthday little fellow Katty miauw. lots of mouses for a present :)

Alan thanks for visiting my blog and you were asking about suggestions for a new name, for your blog; here are some suggestions:
-" " this is your expression for music, or for travel"
-"", or as said before: just your own front+backname? like me:
JoAnn's D Eyes/ Holland

antigoni said...

Nice post. I agree about Key West.

Anonymous said...

Lovely grey Kat you have.

Reader Wil said...

She is soooo adorable! I am really lost for reason when I see a kitten. See my blog of two or three weeks ago.

photowannabe said...

Love her "school portrait". Happy Birthday Misha.

Bear Naked said...

Happy Birthday KITTIE!!
You certainly are beautiful.

Bear((( )))

babooshka said...

The one looking round at the tv made me lol. They are such regal looking cats.