Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl = Super Food

The Super Bowl is one of those great excuses in life to eat really unhealthy food and not feel bad about it...

Start with the soft drinks:

Add some Pizza Rolls:

Mix in some hot dogs, onion rings, nachos... anything you want... all in good fun:


DigitalShutterMania said...

Alan, you can eat them sometimes but please do not eat frequently because you will be fat easily. Anyways, have a great time with your favorite team.


Allen said...

A few more of these a year and before long they'll be feeding us with a slingshot. :)

Sharon said...

Sorry I missed all that! :) All I ate for the superbowl was Motrin.

Debbie365 said...

Not bad, but don't bother with the 'Don Pablo Quesa' in the jar. It tasted like puke to me! But, the Jalapeno Poppers rocked!