Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day Post

Today in the US is President's Day, a holiday (for some - schools are out but many people still have to work, including myself) in which we celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Well, I don't have pictures of either of them... but I live in a city named after a different president - Andrew Jackson:

(That's me holding a Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team cap in front of a painting of ole Andy from the Hall of Presidents in Disney World - I thought he might like to see what all his hard work earned him after 150 years...)

So while Andrew isn't honored on presidents day, I honor him anyway in my blog with a quartet of photos of the downtown of the city bearing his name, taken out the window of our moving car on the interstate last weekend with the sunlight glinting off the buildings of the northbank of the St. Johns River.

You can read about the history of Jacksonville here:,_Florida


tamizh said...

hi.. i like most of your pictures. especially those that come under 'sky watch'.. this is the first time i m commenting

i have tagged..

dot said...

What a cute post with a little history thrown in! I didn't know Jacksonville was named after Andrew Jackson. I've heard that it is one BIG city!

Carla said...

Good pictures of Jax. You should get a picture of Jackson's statute down at The Landing.

Alan said...

Tamizh - Thank you for visiting and saying hello. Always nice to meet new bloggers.

Dot - Jacksonville is large indeed. The population isn't that of some of the bigger cities, but in terms of land it is huge. Everything is very spread out - it is 'normal' for us to drive many miles in one direction to get to places we need to go. We spend a lot on gas!

Carla - I need to make a trip downtown during the day, we are usually only down there at night for symphony concerts and I don't take the camera with us!

Neva said...

very nice ! And I have been to idea it was named after Andrew. good job.