Sunday, February 24, 2008

Got Starbucks?

The two photos below were taken standing in the exact same spot by simply turning around 180 degrees. Yes, there are two Starbucks coffee shops that close - less than a block away from each other. This is the problem with Starbucks - they are everywhere! We have a nice outdoor mall a few miles away from us that contains FOUR separate Starbucks locations within less than a mile (from nearest to farthest) of each other. It is quite absurd. There is a great bit in a Simpsons cartoon where their entire city is more or less taken over by Starbucks and every single shop has their original signs taken down and a Starbucks sign hung in its place within a matter of seconds. Alas, sometimes cartoons are not too far from the truth!

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dot said...

We have two Wafflehouses near here that are very close but not that close! I've never been to a Starbucks before. I'm seeing more and more of them tho.