Friday, March 20, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Mostly clear skies looking up and slightly northeast from the Treaty Oak park on the south bank of downtown Jacksonville, FL.

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Photo Cache said...

oh its wachovia building. anyway, what a great shot.

Guy D said...

Great shot Alan, I always enjoy visiting your blog, especially being greeted by that fantastic header pic.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Tink *~*~* said...

Love the clouds when they do that puff-ball thing. I'm on that "other" Florida coast ;)

TGIF - w00t! :)
Tink *~*~*

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Tabib said...

That Wachovia building looks like our Parliament tower here.
Happy SW Friday!

RuneE said...

The building are right in the eye of the sky.

PS I have pictures of penguins, but they are from our local aquarium :-)

The Jetty is at least 15 feet (5 metres) tall. You can walk alongside it or on top of it. The last it much the best.

Lois said...

A very nice SkyWatch picture! I remember when that Wachovia building used to be the old Gulf Life tower (yes I'm old).

Linnea W said...

It's always fun to see what other cities look like. Nice sky and skyline. Enjoy the first day of spring in your parts!

floreta said...

nice sky!

Linda said...

Beautiful picture - I've been waiting to go take pictures around that old tree. Maybe soon.