Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday: "J" is for Jaguars

These pretty ladies are named Salsa (the black one) and Onca (the spotted one, after the scientific name for the Jaguar - Pantera Onca):

These gals are two of the various jaguars that live at the Jacksonville Zoo's "Range of the Jaguars Exhibit". Salsa is the only one of them that will go into the water. Onca just hangs around the edge or up on the fallen log watching her sister and wondering what on earth she is doing.

She's hard to see, but here is one of Salsa actually swimming down at the bottom of the pool, where she tries to catch the fish and has already eaten many thousands of dollars worth of exotic, Amazonian fishes. As the keeper standing next to us watching said, "You're a bad girl, Salsa." :)

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