Monday, March 30, 2009

EPCOT: Part 3 - The Seas with Nemo and Friends: 2

Inside the Seas pavilion can be found Turtle Talk with Crush, an interactive show featuring a CGI Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo, who talks and interacts with the audience live - very cool technology.  He asks questions and fields questions from the crowd and answers them in real time and the mouth moves with his speech, etc.  Seamless.  And usually pretty funny, too.

The first shot is from the waiting area outside the doors to the show where Mr. Ray's Lagoon houses - what else? - rays and ray relatives in small tanks to keep kids occupied while waiting for Crush.  

Everyone's favorite scatter brained blue tang Dory even shows up for some comedic relief and gets squished against the glass by a whale - but she's ok, no damage done (she was already drain bamaged to begin with, ha). :)

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Tink *~*~* said...

Crush is one of my new favorite characters, and this is rapidly becoming a must-see attraction for me. And I don't even have kids! I just think Crush is very cool, especially how he interacts with the kids. Thanks for the smile today!

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