Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art!

Ok, so it isn't exactly on par with being shown in New York or Paris, but our local Museum of Contemporary Art held a photo competition of sorts to run in conjunction with an exhibit they are showing called "Why We Look at Animals" - so they got together with the city newspaper and held a photo contest for residents of the city to submit their favorite animal photo they had taken.  I received notice last week that my entry was one of 100 that were chosen by the museum curator and newspaper photo editor to be part of the exhibit!  They held a reception and opening ceremony this afternoon at the museum that we were able to attend:

Museum goers looking at my photo:

And the proud papa posing next to our kitten Mischa, gorgeous as always, looking quite smashing in her black frame and white border:

No money involved, no prizes, but very, very cool to have one of my photos hanging in a real museum, even if they are all amateur photos from a fun contest through a newspaper.  She has a wall tag and everything!  Uber cool. :)


Just Plain Sweet said...

That is awesome! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I was going through some modern designs on Modern Art and I found amazing collection.

Anonymous said...

Now who is the kitten behind the "happy look at at me I'm so proud" fellow on the photo? :)
Nice knowing someone liked your photo skills quite enought to put one of your photos on a museum.