Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday: "F" is for Forbus General Store and Family

ABC Wednesday this week is brought to us by the letter "F" and a 2004 family vacation to Tennessee, where you can find the Forbus General Store - halfway between Davidson and Pall Mall.  "Where in tarnation is that!?" you ask?  Good question.  While the immediate answer may - accurately - be "the middle of nowhere", you can truly find it here, not too far south of the border with Kentucky.  You are truly out in the sticks if you find yourself in Forbus.  In fact, the main reason to pass through the tiny place is to visit the Sergeant Alvin York State Park - home of American World War I hero Alvin York, immortalized on film in the movie starring Gary Cooper from 1941.

How does one come to find such a small place?  Well, marry into a family with relatives that live nearby, of course!  My wife has family originally from the hills of Tennessee and so the whole family took a trip to visit a few years ago and we took a side trip one day. :)

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Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Good Morning Alan.

Fantastic to see that it still exists store like Forbus. Just amazing and wonderful.

Family - La Famiglia the most important thing in the world, great choices.

Take care, Tyra

Anonymous said...

Seems old enough that building.
And great statue there too.
As for the rest, since it's country ham's I would like mine with some eggs, toast and orange juice please!

Carolina said...

Thoroughly enjoyable post! Never thought I would virtually visit Forbus one day. ;-)

Tumblewords: said...

Nice post! It's always a pleasure to find reminders of 'older' places and one can only hope they remain intact.

Dragonstar said...

Great small town! I love those carved statues.