Monday, February 16, 2009

Disney's Hollywood Studios: Part 2 - Toy Story Mania Exterior

The newest "E Ticket" attraction in Disney World is "Toy Story Mania" in DHS.  It is a 3D interactive ride of sort where your cart takes you from station to station to play traditional midway games - but in 3D on a screen in front of you.  Pretty neat effects and lots of fun (but warning, the cars spin a bit while moving from station to station and can cause motion sickness problems for some).

Here are some shots of the exterior building and the one across the walkway from it that is tied in.  Fans of the Toy Story movies will no doubt see many familiar items and characters.

Yes, the wait time says 50 minutes and, yes, this was the first place we headed as soon as the park opens - the line gets that long in minutes.  Wait times later in the day will approach 3 hours in some cases, and almost always 2 or more.  

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