Saturday, May 10, 2008

TPC @ Sawgrass: 17th Hole

One of the most famous holes in golf, the island green 17th at the TPC @ Sawgrass. A short hole, a very easy shot - especially for a professional - under normal circumstances, but when the green is surrounded by water it gets into your head and suddenly even the pros start hitting balls into the water.

Near the green is this lovely smaller island with a large tree and some decorative flowers.

Also on the back side of the smaller island is a platform to hold a TV camera. How do you get a TV camera or camera man onto a tiny island in the middle of a lake? By boat, of course!

During tournament rounds this whole area is full of spectators, nearly surrounding the area, and they cheer exuberantly for great shots, and "Awwwwww..." sympathetically when a bad shot goes into the water - most of them, anyway; some people actually enjoy seeing the pros hit bad shots into the water. ;-)

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