Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Toy! :)

No blog post yesterday (belatedly updated today) because we were out all day shopping for a new SUV. After much research and test driving, we decided upon a 2008 Ford Escape. We got a good deal through our employer and just loved some of the features, especially the sunroof, which we have always wanted. Everyone else in the family had a sunroof in theirs', so we had to get one to fit in, right?

We have decided to name it "Dorie", after the character in the animated movie "Finding Nemo". Dorie can read "human" and found a sign at one point in the movie that said "ESCAPE" - she sounded it out and said, "Es-ka-pay... hey, that's spelled just like escape!" So we are now the proud owners of a Ford Es-ka-pay named Dorie. :) (She was my wife's favorite character from the movie.)


dot said...

Dorie is a beauty! Hope you have many happy adventures in her.

Anonymous said...

Great SUV and a fantastic choice of the name!

granmal said...

Nice car. Congrats!