Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ABC Wednesday: "Q" is for Queue

ABC Wednesday for the letter Q. Poor letter Q. No love. :)

Since I lacked a photo of any of the various brass or woodwind quartets or quintets I have ever played in, I had to come up with something else. So I borrow a word from our friends across the pond and choose "queue", which isn't exactly common in the US. We just call them lines, mostly.

Disney 062807 (426)

Queue comes from a French word of the same spelling, but that word was based on the Latin word Cauda, meaning a tail, as on an animal.

Disney 062807 (430)

So for illustrations are photos from various queueing areas around Disney World, where there are rarely a shortage of lines to wait in.

Disney 062807 (12)

Some various translations of the word queue:

Czech: fronta cs(cs) f.
Dutch: rij nl(nl)
Finnish: jono fi(fi)
German: Wartezimmer, Warteschlange
Hebrew: תוֹר (tor) m.
Hungarian: sor hu(hu)
Italian: fila it(it) f.
Portuguese: fila pt(pt) f.
Russian: очередь ru(ru) (óčer'ed') f.
Spanish: fila es(es), cola es(es), linea es(es) f.
Swedish: sv(sv)

Disney 062807 (322)

But then sometimes you just get lucky and wind up first in line, so there is no queue for youeue. :)

Disney_2006B 318

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Texas Travelers said...

This was great.
History lesson.
Language lesson.
Human lesson.
Thanks for sharing.

Come visit my Quadruped,

ellen b said...

Ahh, good choice for Q a queue and the best place to queue up is disney...

Hyde DP said...

I wondered about doing queues too but didn't have any suitable photos of one and have gones with a couple of Queens (or seven).

RuneE said...

Nice Q!

I might ad that we in Norway use the same word for queue as the Danes: kø.

Liz said...

Oh, horrible queues! And it's always hot when you have to stand in them too!

Anonymous said...

Poor letter?
Not quite, not quite!
You could have posted a photo of mine!

Jonna said...

YOur post made me chuckle. Good choices.

Neva said...

Oh Alan are tooooo funny! Love your queue post and I like that we call them "lines" as in 'get in one'!!!
Mine is not as original as yours but here it is.

John said...

Great choice and photos for Q.
Great post.

Powell River Books said...

We also call them queues north of the border, unless it is the ferry lineup. It has to be something important for me to stand in a queue that long!

I chose to use nearby Quadra Island for Q. It is a fun vacation destination that you can see by clicking here. – Margy

leslie said...

What a LONG queue!!! Haven't been to DWorld, but have been to DLand a couple of times and it's the same there. This is a great post for Q-Day. :D

mrsnesbitt said...

Alan, fantastic, I loved this so much! I think a blue t-shirt would match your jeans and jacket! LOL!

Katney said...

I think I would choose to come at a time when there is no queue--yeah, sure.