Monday, April 7, 2008

Peek-a-boo 2

If you look closely just above the crack in the rock you can see the newest jaguar at the Jacksonville Zoo resting with is head just peering over the cliff face. He is one of two that were rescued from the jungles of South America where they had been chained up as guard "dogs" for someone. The other rescued cat is still too aggressive and violent to have out front in view, but this guy is fitting in rather well and we were told by the volunteer exhibit worker that he swims and would be only the second jaguar here to get into the water - the rest hate it. The black jaguar loves the water however, and so far has managed to snatch away 3 or 4 of the bass fish for meals! Hopefully we'll get some shots of them in the water someday, I very much wish to see it.


Lawstude said...

NIce. He is almost unnoticeable.

RuneE said...

He was well hidden I had to enlarge to see him properly. No wonder they are dangerous in the open.

Beautiful animals - a pity we look upon such fine creature as enemies and not with the respect they deserve.

Kerri said...

WOW...what a neat picture!

Anonymous said...

Great photo.
And that "jag" is almost invisible!