Sunday, January 27, 2008

Terrible lizard king

This "little" guy is an icon of sorts in our part of the city - for many years it stood as part of a putt-putt miniature golf course named "Goony Golf" where each hole had some sort of giant mechanical animal or object that you had to navigate around. This tall, orange T-Rex was one of the most visible of the animals because it was so tall and bright orange. Alas, the golf "course" closed down years ago and recently a developer bought the land and decided to turn it into yet another strip mall of shops. However, due to many sympathetic requests from residents he agreed to save the T-Rex and incorporate it into the new design. And so now it stands by the side of the road with a fresh new paint job, eyes made from bright red lights that shine brightly at night, protected by a fence, and the shopping center now bears its name. One of the shops even went as far as to call itself "T-Rex Food Mart".

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RuneE said...

I wonder what a T-Rex hamburger would taste like? :-)

Thank you for a nice comment!