Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Bethlehem Visit

Each year a church in the area puts on a big living Nativity, only theirs is an entire village of Bethlehem. There are fruits and veggies "for sale":

Basket weavers:

Shepherds and goatherds:

Llamas (watch out, they spit):

And of course you can't have a nativity/Bethlehem without Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus:


Debbie365 said...

What? No picture of the fishmonger?

Alan said...

None of the fish monger photos really came out very well. Too many people, too dark. If you didn't know it was Curt, you wouldn't know it was Curt, know what I mean, Verne?

Sharon said...

We need to go see that. They really go all out, don't they?