Saturday, September 22, 2007

Paint Day!

With the contractor done it is time to paint everything before the tile guys come this week.

First, the ceiling:

Then the walls with primer:

Erin styling with the goggles, breathing mask (due to all the drywall dust), and extended paint roller. It will be all the rage in Milan:

Then I took down the ceiling fan from the dining room and hung our new chandelier in its place:

And then moved the ceiling fan into the family room so we can have light and moving air:

So tomorrow we put on the coat of actual paint, clear out all the stuff and wait for the tile guys to do their thing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Warning: some paint and paint supplies were harmed in the filming of this blog:


Debbie365 said...

YOU GO A-2! "Mr. Handyman" now, are we? Hey, we have some coachlights we need installed, and did I mention the crown moulding??? :-)

Allen said...

Great job on the fan and the light!
Erin, always lovely, even in a mask and goggles. "You're a Lima, you're a Tiger."
Congratulations on the room...Looking forward to the day of the reveal when we all shout, "Bus Driver...Move That Cat!" :)

Carla said...

I've got one of those long paint rollers, but I've got to have some of those stylish masks and goggles! The room is looking good. Can't wait to see the finished paint job!

Debbie365 said...

Portions of Erin's hair was a lovely shade of sage...Really like the color, and I bet it looks even better on the walls! I understand the cat may have also been colored to coordinated with the new scheme in her eagerness to be 'helpful'. :-)

Erin said...

Not for lack of trying!! She kept trying to get through the door and scope everything out. :) We'll have to take a pic of the finished painting tonight. It looks awesome! (This is Erin, by the way)

Sharon said...

Looks good. And yes, I noticed and appreciated Erin's sage highlights yesterday :)