Sunday, February 25, 2007

House Hunt 2007: The Search Continues

So our second weekend of house hunting turned up no contenders, but did provide some amusement for ourselves, our agent, and everyone at the agent's office - one of the houses we visited had bullet holes (plural) in one of the bedroom windows! Woo hoo!

We decided it wasn't the house for us... :) But we did like the kitchen cabinets/counter tops:

If you have a cheap house for sale in an area that doesn't include the frequent discharging of projectile weaponry into neighboring homes, please let us know.


Debbie365 said...

holy moly! Do I even want to know where that house was??? Might be more inviting if they replace the windows!

Sharon said...

Yeah, good move. Bullet holes, mold, termites...all bad. Don't worry, you'll find it. And I will recommend a good home inspector. :)

Alan said...

Just down the street from Windy Hill Elementary on the SS... lovely place for children.

Sharon said...

Yes it was...25 years ago. :)