Saturday, December 20, 2008

Port Orleans Riverside: 1

Earlier in December we spent a week in Disney World (thank you to Blogger for its advance posting feature - love it - who knew we were out of town by just looking at the blog?  Nobody!).

We stayed at the Disney resort named Port Orleans Riverside, a resort that depicts deep south along the Mississippi River north of New Orleans (it has a sister resort next to it named Port Orleans French Quarter).  The buildings closest to "New Orleans" are ornate mansions on the outside, and the farther away from the city you get, the less fancy the building exteriors become.  After a while, the mansions are gone entirely and the buildings are just "wooden shacks" on the outside.  (Inside amenities are the same in all rooms, just the exteriors change and interior decoration changes in look only).

I will say that over the almost 6 days we were there I took over 2,250 photos and edited those down to around 1,693 "keepers".  So if I post one per day I can keep the blog going for 4.64 years, haha.  Don't worry.  I won't do that.  (Though maybe I should start a Disney Photo Per Day blog separately... some other time, perhaps.)  I'll just post some of the better favorites for now. :)

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Gramma L said...

You can always get good pictures at Disney.