Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't get too close...

A couple of shots of the ubiquitous Florida alligator.  This one is pretty darn big and probably quite old.  People often get alligators and crocodiles confused - the easy way to tell the difference?  Crocodiles have pointed noses and alligators have more rounded noses.  No more confusion. :)

While gators are not normally aggressive and will generally avoid contact with humans they will certainly defend their nests if you get too close, especially females that have babies.  And they can run very fast for short distances so don't just assume you can outrun them if you come across one in the wild.  

Best option?  Take pictures of them from a safe distance behind protective barriers at the zoo, like I did. :)

Oh, and to offset all of the gator love... GO SEMINOLES! :)

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