Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ABC Wednesday: "P" is for Princess Place Preserve

Conveniently this week's ABC Wednesday letter falls perfectly into my trip around some state parks I've been doing: P is for Princess Place Preserve (bonus point for alliteration).

Here is the historical marker that gives a little background:

A more complete history can be found at the park's website: http://www.flaglerparks.com/princess/history.htm 

A few highlights:

1892 - Henry Cutting died on his boat between St. Augustine and Cherokee Grove. His death has been attributed to several causes. The most plausible may be that he was bitten by a rattlesnake and died enroute on his way to St. Augustine for medical attention.

901 - Angela Cutting married J. Lorimer Worden, a wealthy New York stockbroker. Although Worden greatly increased his wife's fortune, their marriage ended after 19 years in a bitter divorce. In 1938, Worden mysteriously disappeared at sea.

1923 - Angela Mills Cutting Worden married Boris Scherbatoff, an exiled Russian prince. Scherbatoff was a member of one of the families claiming the throne of Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. To protect his identity, the prince changed his name to Scherbatow. He spent most of his time in St. Augustine at the Ponce de Leon Hotel rather than at Cherokee Grove.

By marrying Prince Scherbatow, she subsequently assumed the royal title of princess, and Cherokee Grove became known as the "Princess Place." She lived to see the untimely death of her son, Heyward Cutting, in an automobile accident in 1926 and the death of Prince Scherbatow in 1949.

1954 - Princess Scherbatow owned the property until 1954 when she sold it to Angela and Lewis Wadsworth, one of Florida's leading timber men. She died on June 25, 1956, at her residence - 168 Bay St. in St. Augustine.

The above sign informs us that this was the first in ground swimming pool in Florida and is fed by the aquifer

One interesting feature of the estate  house is that the columns around the wrap around porch are made of local woods and are not smoothed down, but rather are like natural cedar or palm trees with branches still attached - a hazard if you run into them, but very pretty to look at - just don't look too close or you might lose an eye!

On our way driving out we passed a group of four deer not 50 feet from the car but I had already put the camera away.  I stopped to grab it and photograph them but another vehicle came by and the deer bounded away into the palmetto bushes and out of sight.

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Melissa said...

Such great history St Augustine has! We went there again this summer for vacation. It never gets old!

Island Rambles Blog said...

I love the photos and thanks for the history!! Great post for ABC.

earthlingorgeous said...

WOW! Thanks for the history lesson! The place looks wonderful and relaxing!

my post is here.

DD said...

This place looks enchanting!

DeeJay said...

great history lesson thanks

Liz said...

Now doesn't her life just make your life sound very ordinary?!

babooshka said...

What a beautiful place

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post.
very interesting.

Bear Naked said...

Those natural columns are so unique.
But yes you would have to be very careful when on the PORCH at night.

Bear((( )))