Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happiest Birthday on Earth

Where does one spend the happiest birthday on earth? In the "Happiest Place on Earth", of course - Disney World. So while you read this on Saturday, I will be here:

Well, probably not there exactly (waiting for the steam boat in the Magic Kingdom near the Haunted Mansion), but... you know... there in the general sense of being in Disney World. Got it? Good. Back on Sunday (short trip) with plenty of photos, no doubt.


Allen said...

:) - B- D - 2 - U - !

I know y'all had fun.

dot said...

Happy Birthday! You look about 20 years old. You can call me Grannie but don't tell anyone else.

Gramma L said...

Happy Birthday! Great place to celebrate Birthdays, or anything else.

Lakeland Jo said...

Once you have been to Disney nothing else is quite as good ( particularly British theme parks which are pretty dreadful)