Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ABC Wednesday: "J" is for Japanese Drummers

A somewhat abbreviated ABC Wednesday this week as we have just switched over from our old, dying PC to a new shiny iMac by Apple and I just got our pictures transferred over tonight but have a long way to go to get it fully setup and then getting used to the differences - but we love it so far!  

Anyway, in keeping with my Disney theme lately I bring you shots of some Japanese Drummers this week for ABC Wednesday.  There are three players than beat out their rhythms on giant drums with big sticks.  It is quite impressive and inspiring.

Visit to see what everyone else has drummed up. :)

(And apologies if I cannot visit much this week - getting the new Mac setup and all and I don't have my bookmarks from the PC over in the Mac yet so I only remember my own blog and the few I have linked to in the past on my blog page... might have to rebuild all my bookmarked favorites all over again, but we'll see...)

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