Sunday, October 14, 2007

Legends of the Fall - Marching Band Style

Saturday we went up to Blackshear, GA with Erin's parents to watch Erin's alma mater Terry Parker participate in the Sound of Silver marching band festival.

One band had James Brown:

There were a few majorettes with flaming batons. Erin wonders if they were wearing "Satan's panties" (that is a reference from the movie "Miss Congeniality" btw):

Then the TP Marching Braves took the field for their Pirates of the Caribbean show:

Best field prop ever? The "Jolly Jim" (we dubbed it thusly during the show), a Pirate ship powered by a riding lawn mower, driven by a band parent who dresses all out in pirate garb including earings and tatoos. It holds drums for entering and leaving the field and also has room for a soloist during the show. Flippin' sweet!

Alas, the Braves came in third (should have been second). But the band that came in first place - South East Bulloch from somewhere in Georgia - had a great show, the most creative marching show I've ever seen:

Their show was titled "Under Contsruction" and they all wore construction vests, played songs like "Sledgehammer", "Workin' in a Coal Mine", and their percussion players were amazing on the mallets. Highly creative and nearly perfectly executed. No shame losing to such an amazing effort. Still the best performance I've seen from Parker in the years I've followed them since falling in love with a certain clarinet player in 2000. :)


Sharon said...

"Satan's Panties". LOL!

Anonymous said...

pc rocks