Saturday, March 22, 2008

Old Florida Series: Part 5

Continuing with some more photos from Fort Clinch:

Below is a better view of one of the 10-inch Rodman seacost guns that would have been fitted at the fort during the time of the Civil War if it had evern been completed in time. The 10 inch Rodman weighs around 7.75 tons could fire a shot weighing over 100 pounds nearly 5,000 yards - just shy of three miles. It was quite a powerful gun in its day, but now is dwarfed by modern artillery. The strip of land you can see in the distance of the below photo is Cumberland Island, Georgia, giving you an idea how close the two islands are to each other and why the fort was built here to command the channel.

Below is a man depicting the fort's cook prepping firewood for the evening meal.

The fort's water pump and bucket.

One of the soldiers cleaning and inspecting his rifle.

You've got to watch out for this guy - he has a Canon.

Haha. A little photography humor for you. :)

Tomorrow: The Mayport Ferry and the end of the series.


dot said...

You certainly have to watch out for those canons! lol. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. When I went to Cumberland Island last summer some of the folks on the ferry pointed out Fort Clinch to me. It would be fun to go there.

Travis said...

Interesting photos and blog. I just finished a unit on the civil war with the kids in my classroom. Looks like it would be a neat place to go visit.

Neva said...

I enjoyed learning about this Fort...Happy Easter to you and yours!



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Have a Happy Easte, and his family!